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Χώρος Αμάλγαμα, Μενάνδρου 47, Αθήνα | Τηλ.: 6944686991, 6949407770


Amalgama Dance Company has been established by Maria Gorgia, in London, 1996. This institutional procedure coincided with the production of the play “sun and sound”, which signed for the group the very first participation in an international festival (“Resolutions”, 1997, The Place Theatre). Amalgama has “moved” in Greece since 1998 .17 works have been presented in theatres in Greece, New York, in Coratia and Italy. The works “Manoeuvres”, “Polyanna’s child”, “Swingy mood”,“Until the end of my pathway” , “RaXeNiMa”, “Jezebel’s games”, “Koboloe (chaplet), time easygoing, time pitiless, time…” have been presented in Athens, whereas parts of “Koboloe” have been presented in Judson Church-Festival of Movement Research, in New York 2002.The work “Breaths from the deep” was presented in the 1st Dance Platform organized by the Greek Choreographers’ Union in the Athens’ Concert Hall. In August 2004 the group participated with the work “Pentathlon’s contests” at the Hosting Ceremonies for the Athletes for Olympic Games- Athens 2004. In April 2005 Amalgama presented excerpts from their future production named “the dessert” in Greek Choreographers Union’s Panorama , taken place in Chalandri Art Center. The production in its “totality” was released in June 2005, in Empros theater, in Athens’ Music Hall (February 2006- 2nd Dance Platform organized by Greek.Choreographers.Union ) and in Madfestival (organized by Dancers’ Dance Company). In January 2007 Amalgama presented the piece “Little Death” in Sxedia theater. In May 2008 the group released “Mon Valmont” in Alcmena theater, while this play was presented for a second time in the same theater, in January 2009. In December 2009 it presented “Mama 2U” in Beton 7 theater. In 2011 it presented “Public Idiot” in Kinitiras Studio. In March-April of 2012 it presented “The Matress” in Six Dogs and in June the work “Hidden in the olive groves” in Athens and Epidaurus Festival.
Amalgama aims directly at the creation of contemporary plays. These plays are based on a “conversation” with other art forms. Since 2002 they release a humanitarian character, keeping at the same time an open window for social and aesthetic speculation This kind of speculation unfolds in pathways such as the art’s space in contemporary social actuality, the relation between form and ideology , the relation between marginal and massive consuming art.
Amalgama Dance Company promotes the idea of personal creation , showing plays that present some conspicuous kind of individuality . This sort of “qualitative research” is related to artistic expression, to kinetic language and all the other elements that constitute a dance show as well as performance art (i.e. sound, décor, props, video art, lights, etc)
Amalgama promotes strongly the creative participation of dancers and all other contributors of each show in such a degree that this interest tends to constitute on of its foundational principles
In the years 2000-2001,2002-2003,2003-2004, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008,
and 2008-2009 2016-2020 Amalgama was granted by the Greek National Ministry of Culture

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