and if we devoured each other?


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About the Performance

What does your mirror say. It’s always the other one who looks back. We seek him, when we tunnel through unknown bodies, away from ourselves.  Could be, there is neither one nor the other, only the void in our souls, which crows for food.

Heiner Müller


In that moment when the other’s image comes to ravish me for the first time, I am nothing more than the Jesuit Athanasius Kircher’s wonderful Hen.

Roland Barthes


The new play by Maria Gorgia and the group Amalgama brings forth the most beloved subject of the choreographer: Eros itself.

How could be combined the very strong and caustic “Quartet” by Heiner Müller, the unique in semiology value “A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments” by Roland Barthes, the riveting and most erotic-orgasmic music of Wagner from the opera “Tristan and Isolde”, one of the most erotic poems, the “Words of Flesh” of Yiannis Ritsos, and the texts about the everyday’s life of the couple, inspired mainly by the personal experience of the choreographer, but at the same time with reference to the pathogenesis of the western modern society?

How the Amalgama Space at Menandrou 47, can be transformed, without any theatrical scene, but using the semiology of the architectural elements of the place, or even simple artifacts, [such as the chairs of the spectators], in the different imageries of the play: Court, Ship, Brothel (with male prostitutes], House and other habitats?

The physiology and the psychology of Eros, the struggle of sexes, the greed of the egocentrically grown person, (product of the neoliberal society and of his relation to the mother-nurse etc), who unconsciously or consciously pursues continuously to prevail, to oppress, to dominate his erotic object, the relationship perpetrator-victim, the addictive relationship that is nothing else than the product of the archaic relationships of the person, the dead end of relationships, Eros as a form of hypnosis, and on the other hand, the passion and the romantic perception that we have about Eros in West even in the times of modernity, all the above are included in the same dramaturgical canvas of the play.

“Tristan and Isolde” of Richard Wagner (one of the most important representatives of the Romantics), has been selected as one of the most erotic pieces of music in the history of western music. Specific parts and arias are heard through the scenes, among which the Prelude and Liebestod that are performed on stage by Nancy Papakonstantinou.


Concept-Idea/Choreography/Direction/Scenography/Dramaturgy: Maria Gorgia

Basic Texts: “Quartet” by Heiner Müller and “A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments” by Roland Barthes

Poem: Words of Flesh by Yiannis Ritsos

Other texts: by Maria Gorgia

Music: Selected parts from the opera Tristan and Isolde by Richard Wagner

Operatic Voice: Nancy Papakonstantinou

Performers: Markella Manoliadi, Alexandros Vardaxoglou, Nancy Papakonstantinou, Yiannis Spyropoulos, Maria Gorgia.

Acting speech: Angeliki Karistinou

Scenery/Costumes: Maria Alektoridou

Dramaturgy Consultant: Miranda Vatikioti

Press Communication: Maria Konstantopoulou

Photography: Angeliki Svoronou, Giorgos Noukakis, Vangelis Angelakis, Elena Kanaki, Giorgos Marinakis.


The play “and if we devoured each other?” is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Dance Association Amalgama.

Play Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

The Performance is suitable for children over 13 years old

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