what are you suffering from? From Existence


From: 30/09/2018 Till: 30/10/2018

Every sunday at 20.30

About the Performance

Τhe work “what are you suffering from? From Existence”  is about the unresolved issue of death’s non acceptance, of the body’s wear and the circular connection between Life and Death. The poems and -mainly- the personality of Nikos Karouzos inspire the choreographer, as they come to meet with her own anguish on Life, Death and Existance. Through a selection of the poet’s interviews and verses, the choreographer aims at bringing out the important figure of an exceptional person that never broke down, never compromised and eventually died without having received the aknowledgement he deserved for his work. Three performers on stage, three aspects of Nikos Karouzos. The young and fiery dancer Dafni Stathatou appears as the young and ardent body of the poet, who always remains a suffering, passionate child. Both the soprano Lito Messini and the choreographer Maria Gorgia, act and interact with the dancer, creating a universe using the body, the words, the voice and the objects as tools. Whilst the sea is a basic element in Karouzos’ poetry, the setting -transformed sometimes to a pool or a resort- full of plastic bottles, uses the element of trapped water as a symbolism. The audience is called to interact in this ‘resort’ being led by the performers. Finally, the choreographer touches once more the genre issue by having women performers acting and reciting the ‘manly’ words of the -male- poet.


Conception/Choreography/Direction/Dramatist: Maria Gorgia

Performers: Dafni Stathatou, Lito Messini, Maria Gorgia

Script/sellection of poems/ adjustment of the verses to music: Maria Gorgia

Costumes and set desighn: Konstantinos Zamanis Lighting desighn: Pericles Mathiellis Music: ”Matthaus Passion” J.S.Bach

Also appear: Stella Atzemi, Marina Bampali, Dominikos Kourinos,Iro Tsarna, Vassilis Skarmoutos, Pavlos Laoutaris, Lena Bampassaki.

Play Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

The Performance is suitable for children over 13 years old

Performance Images


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